Here you will find the schematics of the different parts of the board. You can also download them in Orcad format at the end of this page.
  - Microprocessor & SDRAM
  - Peripherals
  - CPLD
  - Audio codec
  - Audio interconnections
  - Power
These are the schematics of the microcontroller ( it is a 32bits microcontroller with DSP features ) the SDRAM and other extra components needed by the processor:
Some of the components and connectors of the comunications, storage and IO peripherals attached to the microcontroller:
This is the CPLD ( Lattice MachXO LCMX0640 ) used to interface other audio processors. It is connected to the microprocessor through 18 general purpose I/O pins:
As I explain in the project description, the audio codec allows playing .mp3, .wma or other audio fromats while the microprocessor is busy executing other tasks. It is connected to the microprocessr through an SPI channel:
These are the schematichs of the digitally controlled analog equalizer-amplifier and some of the connector available to connect external audio sources like other auxiliar audio processors:
The schematichs of the power supply. As you can see the board only uses lineal regulators. If possible, I never use switching regulators on audio applications because they can easily add noise to the audio lines if they are not very well configured :
You can download the original schematics here in OrCAD format. Using any information, schematic or source code here exposed means accepting these conditions:
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